i-SOS for iPhone includes all Italian emergency numbers

There are various types of emergencies and there are as many numbers to dial. To disentangle yourself from fires, thefts and accidents you need a good memory or more simply i-SOS installed on the iPhone.

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BepiColombo: launch date set, destination Mercury

The departure of the first European mission to the most established is set for next October; small planet of the Solar System: important scientific objectives and strong Italian participation.

Beautiful, but fragile: the Earth seen by satellites

ESA satellite photos will be on display until January 10, 2016 at the Milan Science Museum. A special journey to discover our planet, its beauties but also the problems that put it in danger and the irreplaceable role that observation has from space for its care.

Psychedelic drugs create a new state of consciousness

LSD, ketamine and psilocybin induce a type of activity; neural ever observed so far: pi & ugrave; random and less predictable than that typical of sleep, but different from that of waking.

The hydrogel that will make the robots run

Thanks to a viral video circulated on the Net & egrave; A new technology has been created that could make tomorrow's micro-robots walk, indeed run.