Macropinna microstoma the fish with a transparent head


He lives in the depths of the sea, even at a depth of 800 meters and there is not much light in those parts. For this he developed a very special view. (Federica Ceccherini 2 March 2009)

Spotted for the first time in 1939 the Macropinna microstome fish, which lives in the sea off California, with its transparent skull had remained a mystery for a long time.

But after several studies, a group of researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute finally revealed its secrets.

Living in the dark seabed, up to 800 meters, this funny fish has developed a special view, thanks to the shape of the eyes and the transparent skull. Which allow it to collect and store all the light needed to see even in the semi-darkness. The eyes can also move, according to scientists, inside the transparent cover, allowing you to control everything around them. In particular the preys, small fish they eat and that they catch with very fast and precise maneuvers.

The transparent cap makes all the internal organs of his head perfectly visible, giving the animal a funny appearance. The researchers were able to take the animal back thanks to a remote-controlled vehicle.

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