It looks more like a tenon than a "diabolical" creature. Yet this Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) enjoys a reputation that is nothing short of left. Fault of his voice: a series of powerful and disturbing cries that the small marsupial - no longer than 80 centimeters - is used to throw in the silence of the night. Suffice it to add his "menu" based on carrion (of which he also consumes hair and bones) and this explains his bad reputation.

In past centuries it was the victim of a ruthless chase by man because it was considered dangerous for livestock, so much so that already in 1941 it was declared a protected species. Today he lives exclusively in Tasmania - first he also lived in other parts of Australia - and was inserted last year in endangered species due to a form of transmissible cancer that is decimating the population.

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