Do you want to bring the dog to work? Make sure he has the license. From today in Austria only "licensed" dogs can be brought into the office (Federica Ceccherini, 24 November 2008)

A license is required to bring dogs to the office. At least in Austria where, from today, only dogs with a license will be allowed on the work stations - employer permitting.

To assess their suitability a series of tests on the behavior of the aspirant employed on all fours towards other human beings, on his reactions in stressful situations (does the dog remain calm or becomes aggressive?) And on his feeling with the owner. But even the latter will have his work cut out to prove he can control it. Theoretical and practical tests to verify how much the owner knows his dog. Once dog and owner have passed all the tests Fido will be ready to be "graduated" in office dog.

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