The irons have the function of defending the nail of horses, donkeys, mules and sometimes even oxen from excessive consumption. These animals are mostly domestic, do not live in the wild and, almost always, are in the service of human beings. They must walk for a long time on paved roads or covered with stones, which ruin their hooves and feet. The situation of competition horses is similar. Irons, a bit like sports shoes, help the animal with these tiring tasks. On the other hand, if they are of the wrong size, or they are not correctly placed, they ruin the foot.

Green carpet. No needles were used, instead, during the traditional agricultural use, which took place in the countryside and almost always with donkeys and mules that, walking on soft ground, did not need protection. In the equestrian world, however, a debate is underway on the actual need for shoeing horses, on the quality of the irons, on the competence of farriers and on the possibility of leaving the horse unturned, at least for some activities and on some land.