Whale sharks like caviar
Unsuspected habits of the largest and most peaceful of sharks.

The whale shark moves usually from the oceans with his mouth open to capture tiny prey. New behaviors have now been discovered.
The whale shark usually moves
in the oceans with an open mouth to catch tiny prey. New behaviors have now been discovered.

Whale sharks (Rhyncodon typus), the largest among the Selaci (the class to which the sharks belong), are much more intelligent and flexible behavior than previously thought. English researchers have discovered that these huge and slow animals dive to great depth (up to 1, 000 meters) and travel thousands of miles in search of food. They also bear, in their travels, waters that are found at very low temperatures (for sharks): about 4.5 ° C.

Greedy waiting . But the most curious behavior is that which drives whale sharks to wait for over 14 hours for whole shoals of fish to spawn. They then throw themselves on the depositions to eat greedily. So far, instead, it was believed that whale sharks fed only on plankton, which they swallowed by slowly swimming in the immense shoals of these crustaceans.

(News updated September 15, 2002)