How much effort to make a hot meal! According to the research of some scientists, bees in their search for food would go hunting for "hot" flowers. If a flower has a pleasant temperature, the bee discovers it from the color. Researchers at the University of London have understood this by presenting two types of flower to the insects (Bombus terrestris), one of warm purple hues and another colder pastel pink. More than half of the bumblebees rushed to the flowers of the first type.

The small insects have a fairly high body temperature - around 30 degrees - and to keep it when the air is cold they spend a lot of energy.

Accumulating heat and energy during foraging, according to experts, could be a way to help the metabolism, regain strength and take flight.

Photo: © J. Tautz, M. Kleinenz and B. Bujok / BEEgroup Wurzburg