A wolf can also consume 9 kilos of meat in a single meal, and the most appreciated is, as is known, red meat. It is rarer to watch them catch and consume freshwater fish, although in the past some of these animals have been seen hunting salmon in the coastal areas of Alaska (USA) and British Columbia (Canada).

But now a group of biologists has succeeded in filming a pack of wolves dedicated to fishing in the Voyageurs National Park, northern Minnesota: a behavior that is already quite rare, for the first time documented in an internal wooded area, not coastal.

The animals were already equipped with GPS collars as part of the Voyageurs Wolf Project, which monitors their territorial movements and predatory behavior. After 20 minutes a specimen shows no signs of movement, the researchers go to the site to see if it is eating.

Down by the river. As told in an article in Mammalian Biology, in April 2017, GPS recorded the presence of wolves in a pack called Bowman's Bay near a stream, and when Tom Gable, a graduate student involved in the project, went to the site, saw a specimen that was launched at full speed into the water to come out with pieces of fish in its jaws.

Lurking. Remote cameras arranged along the stream revealed the strategy, clearly visible in a video published in the New York Times. The wolves remain vigilant and silent near the water at night, in the dark, listening to every sound. When they feel agitation and movement, they stick their heads several times near the source of that sound, as if they had learned to associate it with the presence of food.

Necessity sharpens ingenuity. The wolves of Bowman's Bay seem to have specialized in fishing, with two specimens that spend 43-63 percent of their time immersed in this activity. The same cannot be said of the other packs, followed by GPS collars but not interested in fish. The wolves are extremely adaptable, in terms of food (in their menu there are, next to the big animals like moose and deer, even smaller snacks like lizards, snakes or fruit). The observed behavior is further proof of this versatility.