Cats also become stressed
The rivalry with another cat, the birth of a baby in the family or the transfer of home can cause cats to stress and anxiety that occurs with aggression and need to eat.

Cats share much of the time we spend at home with us, but they are very sensitive and subject to anxiety and stress.
Cats share much of the time we spend at home with us, but they are very sensitive and subject to anxiety and stress.

Who said that only human beings can be stressed by rivalry or jealousy? Animals also suffer when there is a situation of conflict with others like them or when a new member arrives in the family, like a baby. And cats are the ones who suffer the most because, as is already known from some studies, they are extremely sensitive.

Anxiety and stress lead small cats to become sedentary, unsociable and eat more than necessary, at least according to Danielle Gunn-Moore of the University of Edinburgh's Institute of Feline Medicine, and consequently to have more problems related to urinary tract.

Curious but sneaky, spiteful but also cuddly. Discover the secrets of the most loved cats by man.
Lazy cats. "When cats get bladder - says Gunn-Moore - masters and veterinarians are very frustrated because apparently there is no cause". It is known that too much food, especially dry, little drinking and poor movement facilitate this disease, but what drives some animals to lead a certain type of life is not yet known. Gunn-Moore, after watching hundreds of domestic cats living in different families for six years, came to the conclusion that the culprits are anxiety and stress.
Food for comfort. Cats that are afraid of going out and confronting other cats or experiencing a situation of chronic conflict are more stressed. "Because - says Gunn-Moore - they are the ones who trust little and suffer the most. They tend to stay at home a lot and eat a lot, a bit like human beings do when they eat for consolation ”. Gunn-Moore thinks that the real causes of some diseases can be found in the animal's environment and temperament.
Natural medicines. And if sometimes we make life a little difficult for our four-legged friends, maybe we can't say the same about them. According to the French pet association, pets help owners live healthily. Indeed, some research shows that those who own a cat or dog go to the doctor 20 times less than those who do not. A natural "remedy" that is growing strongly in Italy: there are 14.5 million Fuffi and Boby in our country and cats beat dogs 7.5 (millions) to 7.

(News updated October 29, 2004)