Eagle-fox-rabbit: a chain in which the last ring is the most unfortunate, and the middle one remains dry. The photo you see documents the stealing of prey of a white- headed sea eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) against a fox cub, which had just seized a rabbit . The scene was photographed last week in the National Historic Park of San Juan Island, in the State of Washington (USA).

Unexpected from the skies. The nature photographer Kevin Ebi, from Living Wilderness, had been watching a pack of young foxes playing on the prairie for a day. One of these caught a rabbit and started transporting it to the grass, until the unmistakable sound of the incoming bird of prey appeared in the air. The puppy has improvised a race and a defensive position, but the eagle has fallen on the rabbit, in an attempt to steal it (a phenomenon, the theft of prey, known as cleptoparasitism ).

A post shared by Kevin Ebi (@livingwilderness) on: May 21, 2018 at 1:04 PDT

Clinging to the prey. The fox did not immediately give up the bone but attempted to hold back the loot: it was thus raised in flight for eight seconds, before being unloaded from the ground by the raptor, who had passed the rabbit to the right claw. Another local photographer, Zachary Hartje, captured the frantic hunt in a video, which you can see below. The fox, after a flight of about 3 meters, shook off the earth and returned to play, on an empty stomach.