Drinking is for men … but also for monkeys
Even the monkeys raise their elbows … and they do it for reasons similar to those that drive man to alcoholism.

In the case of this individual it is
of water … but they also exist
macaques ready to dig up alcohol
to get drunk.

It seems that the vices do not belong only to men. In a recent study carried out on some macaques, it was discovered that some monkeys, if left alone after having made them taste alcoholic beverages, tend to get drunk more easily than those left in the company of their like.
Who doesn't drink in the company …
According to scientists, this type of behavior is a combination of genetic and environmental factors, just as it is for humans. "It's not uncommon, " says Scott Chen, the author of the research at the National Institute of Health Animal Center in Maryland (USA) "to see some monkeys stagger, fall or vomit. Some of them are chronic alcoholics and drink until they fall asleep ».
Factors like companionship or social status affect the temptation to drink alcohol: low-ranking male macaques tend to drink more than those who occupy a better social position, for example.
Drink to forget.
Another experiment has shown that some monkeys, like men, tend to get drunk more easily after a long period of stress.
Despite the monkeys are not the only animals to develop a dependence on certain substances (link gallery animals drugged) there are however important parallels between the alcohol dependence found in macaques and in humans. In both species the predisposition to alcoholism depends on many factors and varies from individual to individual. This parallelism will help in the future to predict the symptoms that could lead to this deleterious, often underestimated vice.
(News updated May 23, 2006)