Fox hunting? No thanks
Research shows that hunting is useless for "adjusting" the number of foxes.

Is fox hunting just a barbaric pastime for English noblemen? Do you want to discuss it in our Forum?> Fox hunting?
Is fox hunting just a barbaric pastime for idle English nobles?
You want to discuss it in our Forum

One of the justifications given by British hunters for continuing to kill foxes "in the traditional manner" was that without their control the population of this small predator would explode. A study published in the journal Nature shows that this hypothesis is wrong. During 2001, a large part of the United Kingdom saw fox hunting stopped due to fear of foot-and-mouth disease. Despite this, the number of foxes throughout the territory, determined by the number of feces found, has not changed significantly. This means that hunting does not serve to control the population density of foxes. The species, in one way in the other, does not need man to regulate himself.

(News updated 10 September 2002)