A bell at leg height to let dogs and cats enter the house. [Federica Ceccherini, 7 July 2008]

Tired of the cat scratching or the barking dog to go home? Your nightmares have come to an end: a remedy to safeguard nerves and door jambs is finally within reach of all budgets. It is a paw bell.

Made of plastic, it can be attached at animal height on a shelf or on the wall, or fixed to the ground. It is connected with a wireless connection to a receiver. Every time your partner presses the bell, the receiver rings with the classic bell or with the sound of a barking dog.

The batteries are guaranteed for 10 thousand sounds, more than enough even for the most active animals.

The product is supplied with the essential instructions to teach our guest to crush the bell with his paw or nose.

For info and online purchase for just $ 24.99 (€ 17) .