Dogs and cats? No allergies
Those who grow with pets are protected against future allergies.

Children surrounded by pets develop less allergies.
Children surrounded by pets develop less allergies.

Those who grow up surrounded by pets are less likely to become allergic. And protection from allergies also occurs towards mites, ragweeds and grasses. The 474 children involved in the study, published in the scientific journal Journal of american medical associateo, were followed from birth to the age of seven.
Less allergic.
The results indicate that children who have lived with dogs or cats are 66 to 77 lower likely to be allergic to mites or other species. The authors think that the cause of protection from allergies is in some bacteria that live in dogs and cats. These "roommates" emit substances called endotoxins which, through a mechanism involving lymphocytes (white blood cells implicated in immunity) suppress the immune response. It is precisely the immune response that, when it is excessive, can produce allergies.

(News updated 10 September 2002)