It could be called "little dog syndrome". Dachshunds, Chihuahua poodles and other small Fidos, when peeing they put all their energy into urinating higher than they can. The reason? Look bigger than they are.

This is what researchers at Cornell University found out in a study published in the Journal of Zoology.

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Already it was known that dogs use urine as a "marker" to share sensitive and reliable data with other animals.

In fact, pee contains information on their health, sex … and size, in fact. The higher the jet ends, the more it is assumed that the animal is large.

Yet, according to the analysis, the puppies know how to pretend very well. Their goal is to make everyone believe they have an imposing build.

Dogs see with their noses (and it is not a manner of speaking)

I study. To reach this conclusion, the team recorded the urine of adult male dogs and subsequently linked the height of the marks left by the urine with the size of their legs, calculating the degree of the angles. They discovered that small dogs tilted their legs upwards proportionately much more than larger dogs.

Which, scholars said, would not be without logic. Interactions between dogs are often problematic for those who are low and skinny. It is no coincidence that small dogs prefer to keep away from larger dogs. Such as? Marking their territory as they can (and apparently, with good results).