Who has a dog or a cat knows: going on vacation can be a problem. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to bring our four-legged friend to the resort, but it is not even so easy to find a trusted person to take care of.

Cat sitter. Veterinary doctors and dog trainers explain, for example, that cats should be left at home (unless on vacation they do not go to an apartment where they can move around undisturbed), and therefore the ideal is to find a cat sitter who will take them cure at least once a day, to give him food and water, clean the litter box, and keep him company.

The cat is also at home (if taken care of), while the dog is better off on holiday with us, but it is not always possible!

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Dog sitter. For dogs, however, it is the opposite. The ideal would be to take them on a journey with us and look for dog friendly places and structures.

The Decalogue. But if it really is not possible, then it is good to move ahead. Here are the expert tips that can be useful if you need to choose a person who will take care of the cat or dog during our holidays.

1. Experience. Look for professionals who have already looked after animals of friends or relatives and organized cognitive meetings between the dog (or the cat) and his "new friend": you will be able to evaluate the person's approach and understand if it is the right one for you .

2. Mini test. Try to get the dog / sitter in the house and see how the animal reacts.

3. Show it all. Show the aspirant pet sitter how to administer food or any therapies.

4. Show how you walk. In the case of dog sitter it may be useful to take a demonstrative walk with him to show him the journey that you normally take with the dog, to the park or to the dogs area that you usually frequent.

5. Do not neglect health information. Leave the pet sitter with all the information on the health of the dog / cat, the references of the trusted vet, the health record, any medical records and medicines, if the animal has had health problems in the past, if it is under therapy or if you suffer from chronic conditions.

6. Emergency contact details. Leave the contact details of relatives or close friends who remain in the city to the pet sitter, to contact in case of need.

7. Get the photos sent to you. Ask to receive news (with photos and videos, why not?) On the progress of your pet's stay.

8. The medal. Before leaving, make sure the animal has the collar tag, with its name and your phone.

9. Surprise visits. If possible, tell a friend to make some surprise visits to your home.

10. Rates. Better to already have an idea of ​​the rates. They vary with the commitment required and range between 8 and 12 euros per hour for those who take care of a dog, and between 7 and 14 euros for those who take care of cats (depending on whether you ask for a visit or two day). Dog and Cat-family ask for 20/25 euros per day. You do the math and in the case, you aim for a flat rate.

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