Sometimes the egg shells are simply abandoned, and in that case they are attacked by decomposing organisms and therefore biodegraded. Very often however the shells are not wasted by the animals and are reused. According to the species the new born or the parents (or both) devour the remains of the egg, rich in calcium and mineral salts (in particular in reptiles and birds), while the residues of the membranes that wrapped the embryo remained attached to the inner surface of the shell are a source of protein.

In the chicken coops
The shells of poultry eggs, which on farms are removed by breeders for hygienic reasons (because hatching often takes place in an incubator), or which we throw ourselves into the garbage, can instead be reused in other productive sectors, for example for the production of fertilizers or food additives, for both human and animal nutrition. However, for this "recycling" the egg shells must be treated to remove the still attached membranes, which otherwise would attract numerous parasites.

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