It is likely that this year you have already spotted the Pelagia, the violet jellyfish not to be touched : the currents will decide where it will go from here to September. And perhaps you have also seen the beautiful Rhizostoma and Cotylorhiza: these too can be admired but not touched .

To know promptly where the jellyfish are, you can visit the MeteoMeduse Facebook page, managed by researchers from the University of Salento.

On this page it is also possible to send sightings reports. It is a useful service both to avoid unpleasant close encounters and to decide where to do jellywatching .

Image The jellyfish poster (click on the image to enlarge it). At this address you can download the larger PDF version. |

It is also an important service for science because it collects data on the presence, distribution and frequency of these organisms: the reports that the "research readers" send with MeteoMeduse are fundamental for the Occhio alla medusa campaign, created in collaboration with the University biologists del Salento, Co-NISMa and CNR-ISMAR led by Ferdinando Boero and Stefano Piraino. Says Serena Zampardi, who records the reports: «More than 20, 000 have arrived since 2009. We are expecting more ».

To recognize jellyfish - and to know if they are stinging - you can browse our gallery on jellyfish and download the poster, useful if you want to hang it on the beach, to the bathrooms for example.