Living in Chernobyl and its surroundings is not easy, neither for men nor for animals, but, as the saying goes, in the end there are those who make a virtue out of necessity. We have already talked about the new sexual habits of the… worms residing in the area devastated, in 1986, by the nuclear accident. Now it turns out that the birds have developed the ability to find areas with lower radioactivity to build their nests. Anders Møller, of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris), and Tim Mousseau (South Carolina University, USA), placed more than 200 nests in the Red Forest, 3 kilometers from the site of the disaster, and used them to study the nesting habits of two species of birds typical of the area, with the aim of understanding whether, given other conditions (such as the availability of food), they were able to perceive radioactivity and to choose the best place to nest. The observations seem to indicate that yes, the birds are able to recognize and choose the safest areas, but it is still not clear what allows the birds to discriminate between a "hot" site and a safe one. (Photo: © Stuck)