What do you see in this photo? A small clue: between the mosses and the clay rocks immortalized in the image two specimens of one of the most shy and difficult to observe felines hide, a pair of snow leopards (Panthera uncia). Can you find them?

Mystery revealed. In reality, on closer examination of the shot, one of the two animals can be seen wandering among the gray rocks, while the other remains crouched behind him.

The photo is the work of David Jenkins, an experienced 41-year-old Irish photographer who, despite being able to capture the elusive animal, faced for several days -20 ° C in the Indian Himalayas. For a long time the leopards remained hidden, until a young local told the photographer that he had noticed blood on the fleece of some sheep: the unmistakable trace of the passage of a predator.

Following in the footsteps of felines, Jenkins and his team created the picture they were waiting for: the two leopards appear extremely relaxed and at ease, unaware of the presence of man. "They are so well camouflaged and protected by an extreme habitat that even just walking in their territory and keeping warm leads to extreme difficulties for humans - explains the photographer - it is very rare to be able to observe a leopard from so close, especially if you don't they use hidden cameras or without the presence of a bait nearby ».

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