Agile and majestic. Lion (Panthera leo) and tiger (Panthera tigris) are the undisputed protagonists of the animal kingdom. Both belong to the category of predatory mammals of the great Felidae family. But what if they had to fight each other?

Far away. Tracing an identikit of the two animals we discover that the lion would be more likely to win. However, under natural conditions, the two do not have many opportunities to challenge each other, as they mostly live in different continents. Lions are widespread in sub-Saharan Africa and in a small area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndia; tigers live in Asia. Let's discover the differences between the two "lords" of the animal kingdom.


The tiger is the largest of the Felids: up to 3.5 meters long it weighs over 300 kg. The lion measures on average 2 meters and weighs 200-250 kg: 1 to 0 for the tiger.

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The lion is anatomically favored, also because of the particularly muscular and strong front legs: a deadly weapon with which it delivers powerful blows. The tiger's legs by themselves do not represent a weapon. The lion prevails: 1 to 1.


The lion is instinctively prepared for combat because its job is to protect the pack against enemy attacks. The tiger, on the other hand, is a solitary feline, which attacks to get food. The striped cloak helps her to camouflage herself for a surprise attack. Draw, so you stay on 1 to 1.


The attack takes place in a similar way: with a leap they throw themselves at the victim and beat him in the neck. But the thick mane of the lion, of blond or black color, in addition to making it appear larger (instilling fear), protects it from bites. 2 to 1 for the lion.

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The strength of the tiger's hind legs allows for a more agile shot and spectacular jumps, which the lion is unable to perform. Both arrive at 80 km / h. The tiger prevails: 2 to 2.


The lion is calm and concentrated. The nervous and instinctive tiger, for this reason, has a lower ability to evaluate the opponent than the lion, who is more likely to prevail tactically. The lion prevails, who wins 3 to 2.

Final score: lion beats tiger 3 - 2