In every self-respecting family there are sometimes disagreements. Even in those of killer killer whales. Michael Noonan of Canisius College (USA), observing some specimens of this species in captivity, has noticed that sometimes they quarrel and often the "discussions" are between mom and dad. In fact, it is usually the female that chases after her partner, who gives it to "raised" fins.

But contrary to what might seem from the name, the orcas are not so aggressive with their families. The two litigants, after having been away for a few minutes, are reconciled swimming synchronously side by side and after about ten minutes the harmony returns to reign in the tub.

It is the first time that the ability to make peace of these large marine mammals, which has been observed only in chimpanzees and other primates, is highlighted.

Photo: © Michael Noonan - Canisius College, Buffalo, New York