Pets don't like New Year's. Or rather they suffer when the roar of firecrackers, fireworks and barrels frighten them and lead them to lose their orientation: loss, fear and anxiety lead animals to senseless reactions that can cause accidents such as loss and investment.

Given that we cannot force our fellow citizens not to use fireworks and firecrackers, what can we do to protect our pets?

THE MOST SENSITIVE: DOGS. New Year's Eve is probably the least loved by dogs. If in fact there are many domestic animals that live very badly the noise caused by the explosion of fireworks, the dogs develop a real specific phobia against noise.

Dogs often respond in an exaggerated way to noise, often trying to escape or with anxious behaviors (such as urinating around, vocalizing, panting, trembling and trying to hide, etc.). In extreme cases, they show symptoms similar to a real "panic attack".

HOW TO PROTECT THEM? Dogs and cats have much more developed hearing than humans and the loud noises throw them into a panic, causing them to instinctive and uncontrolled reactions such as throw themselves into the void, struggle madly to escape, climb over fences and escape to the street by seriously endangering their safety and that of passers-by.

Here are some practical tips:

  • Do not let the dogs face their fears in solitude and take away all those objects that could cause injury if they end up against us;
  • Avoid leaving them outdoors: fear causes them to make unpredictable gestures, the first is escape;
  • Don't keep them tied to the chain because they could strangle you;
  • Do not leave them on the balcony because they could throw themselves into the void;
  • Provide them with all possible identifying elements;
  • If they hide in a place in the house, leave them there, they consider their refuge safe;
  • Ignore it as much as possible until it manifests the state of agitation. Reassuring and calming the dog in these circumstances is in fact equivalent to rewarding him just when he is extremely agitated.
  • Try to minimize the effect of the barrels by keeping the radio or TV on;
  • Pay attention to any caged animals: do not keep them on the balconies;
  • In the case of elderly, cardiopathic and / or particularly sensitive to noise stress animals, contact your trusted veterinarian in advance;
  • In the case of cats, don't look into their eyes, they could become aggressive.