In the swarthy (the order that groups all the sea turtles and the tortoises of fresh water and earth) the sex can be established only when the individuals have reached a minimum dimension: in the water tortoises (those that are bred in the aquarium for example) are 7 centimeters. The male has a much longer tail than the female, of a size equal to two thirds of the carapace (the upper covering shell), and the plastron (it is the part of the shell that covers the belly) hollowed out in the center. In aquatic species, it is certainly a male if the nails of the front legs are very long and seem to grow "too much": the nails will be used in the wedding dances that are a prelude to mating. In Italy there are two seasons of tortoise loves: the first goes from April to the end of June, the second occurs at the end of the summer. Two months later the eggs will be laid, which will hatch after three or four months. They will be born the following year if the summer has been too cold. In the incubator, on the other hand, it only takes two months.