A special robe in technological fabric exploits the heat produced by the dog's body to keep it cool even in the hottest days. (Alessandro Bolla, 29 July 2008)

In summer, even dogs suffer from heat and suffer much more than humans. Fido in fact does not have our own sweat glands and the only way to dissipate the excess heat is to hyperventilate, that is to breathe at a high rate with the tongue out.

Fresh and technological beauty But the technology meets the needs of four-legged friends by proposing an evaporation mesh specifically designed to keep the dog cool even on the hottest days. The robe is made up of three layers of polyester that combine hydrophilic fibers with other hydrophobes. Once soaked in water and worn this special fabric brings out the heat produced by the dog's body and slowly releases, through evaporation, the water. Thanks to this system the cucciolone can stay fresh for two to three hours. Designed to guarantee maximum comfort, the evaporation robe is available in different sizes, depending on the Fido size and can be purchased online for around 40 euros.