Thanks to a sense of smell 40 times greater than that of humans, drug-fighting dogs have been valid allies of the Guardia di Finanza for over twenty years.

But it is not all due to their instinct and so, in the centers of Intimiano, near Como, and of Castiglion del Lago, on the shores of the Trasimeno, the dogs, selected from the first weeks of life, are subjected to a course that lasts about six months. While the training proceeds, which mainly follows the principle of the game and is centered on the search for an object wrapped in a rag impregnated with a narcotic substance, the animals gradually take confidence with cars and trucks as well as with the conveyor belts of the suitcases to the airport. Finally, after demonstrating their ability, dogs begin a "career" that lasts up to a maximum of eight to ten years; then they retire, and are often "adopted" by the same financiers with whom they have partnered.