The monkeys also practice a kind of kamasutra. The latest studies conducted on the sexual behavior of primates (including that of the zoologist JP Hanby) reveal in fact that some do not resort exclusively to the most "classical" position, the one in which the female remains still, in a signal of invitation, and the male mounts her "From the back". In particular, siamango gibbons and captive gorillas also practice the "missionary" position during mating, as do the bonobos.

Does oral sex exist between animals?

Of the Japanese macaques eight different methods of coupling have been documented: the one in which the male, standing, mounts the female from behind; or clings to his legs; he bites her; crouches on its back; he lies on his back; or, alternatively, from the side; to the "missionary"; sitting in front.

Bonobos, champions of empathy

Since most primate species do not form exclusive pair bonds, they do not need long courtships. On the other hand, given that their sexual behavior has no clearly defined social boundaries, some of these sexual positions can manifest themselves in other contexts: as a sign of play, greeting, friendship and even bland conflicts.