Do you want to get rid of mosquitoes quickly, eco-friendly and fashionable? Get yourself a bat or maybe an entire family of these little ones (in our parts, but elsewhere they can be gigantic) flying mammals. That in one night they can eat up to 2, 000 mosquitoes each (hoping they are not all crowded in your bedroom).

But how can you attract these cute winged killers to your terrace or garden?

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No need for a cave. Just offer them adequate shelter. And there's no need to turn the house into a cave bat. Just a box in the shape of a parallelepiped in birch wood of about 35 cm by 60, often 5 assembled without adhesives and dyes that would repel the very useful guest.

The bat boxes - as they have been renamed - have existed for some years: they are the practical declination of the project "A bat for a friend " developed by the Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence and aimed at the protection of bats. You can build at home with wooden panels at least 1.5 cm thick [Here the instructions of the University of Florence or the Municipality of Brescia].

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Within the reach of all budgets. If you don't have a passion for DIY, the bat-refuge can be purchased in supermarkets, hypermarkets and DIY stores for less than 30 euros (just look for bat boxes with Google). The best time to "rent" them to bats is between March and May, when they come out of hibernation: it hangs at least four meters from the ground and then expects the arrival of a couple of potential tenants.
Where to hang it? On a wall, for example the outside wall of the house, near tree-lined areas or directly on a tree. But be careful not to put it right under a passage area: even bats, like birds, do poop. And they could hit you. Do not mount them on metal plates (they are not colonized) and make sure that they are not illuminated by lights during the night because you would not help the bats to realize the arrival of twilight.

At the end of the season the bats will retreat into caves and underground cavities where, except for sporadic outings, they spend the winter in a state of hibernation [see photo].

Winter shelter? Not always. However sometimes some bats find the bat boxes so welcoming that they stop even in the cold season. For this reason the most recent shelters are built so as not to be colonized even in winter. If you have a homemade bat box or a few years ago, it is therefore advisable not to remove the artificial shelters during the winter months.
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