The story of the bear Daniza (here you can read how we think) has reopened the debate on coexistence with wild animals. Here are some rules on what to do (and what not to do) when you come across a bear (and usually a potentially dangerous animal).

  • Never follow the bear's tracks: respect his need for tranquility.
  • If you spot a bear from afar, enjoy the scene: never try to approach it.
  • Near the huts, keep the leftovers of the meals so that the bear cannot reach them.
  • When you go through woods where a bear is reported, make a little noise. The bear has very developed senses: it escapes the presence of man as soon as he warns it.
  • If the bear stands up and sniffs it's just to better identify its surroundings, it's not a sign of aggression!
  • If you encounter puppies, walk away carefully, retracing your steps.
  • If you meet him at a short distance, stay calm and do not alarm the bear by shouting or making sudden movements.
  • If appropriate, go back slowly, don't run. The race can induce a pursuit, as often happens with dogs.
  • Always leave the bear an escape route.
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