Nature offers glimpses of majestic beauty, courtly and dramatic images, but also ironic and exhilarating scenes: the animal photography competition is concentrated on these, which together amuse and reflect, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The award was born for the need to emphasize the lighter and more amusing side of animal life, in a panorama of serious, posed and prestigious competitions; and at the same time to emphasize the importance of animal conservation (this is why the Born Free Foundation, which deals with these issues, is a partner in the competition). The same creatures that make us smile in these photos are threatened by our lack of attention to the environment, climate change, pollution and our consumption habits.

The photos awarded in 2018 were chosen from thousands of proposals in eight different categories. Below a selection of our favorites, in addition to the absolute winner - at the top of the page.

Image Kallol Mukherjee has discovered, behind the camera lens, a new animal: the "rhinopavone". | CWPA Image In the category dedicated to Air Creatures, this photo of a suspicious owl stood out. The author is Californian photographer Shane Keena. | CWPA Image This grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) has a headache, according to the interpretation of Danielle D'Ermo, author of the shot. That all in all seems credible. | CWPA Image Sergey Savvi stopped the "martial tango", that is the fight for the females, or for the territory, between two males of Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis Ouwens) in one click. | CWPA Image The winner of the category dedicated to underwater shots is Tanya Hoppermans, with this picture of a greenish (Prionace glauca) smiling. | CWPA Image Unstable equilibria. Among the most appreciated photos is also the evolution of a squirrel, captured by the Swedish Geert Weggen. | CWPA Image In the photo the two main passions of Roie Galitz, author of the shot: the camera and the wild animals that the nature photographer loves to portray. The polar bear is struggling with a new hobby. | CWPA Image When he escapes … a small owl caught in the act by Arshdeep Singh (India), winner in the category dedicated to boys. | CWPA Image A ladder of brown bears, with the mother waiting for patient on the ground. The photo is by Finnish photographer Valtteri Mulkahainen, winner of the Amazing Internet Portfolio award category. | CWPA