Dear friend - Sometimes I leave the magic of "drawing" my photos in the sunlight, other times I like to create and set up small rooms where I can give vent to creativity.

Chiocciole - In my project Cortesie for guests the protagonists are small animals found in the garden that become models for a few minutes that interact with our world.

Reverse - The silhouette of a mantis caught my attention. The serrated edge of the leaf somehow resembles its front legs.

Thousand - This is my love for the beauties of nature, the true, unique supreme artist.

True or false? - The wonders of nature are there, but sometimes it takes the eyes of passion to see them.

High jump - A damsel jumped along a steel tube without being able to rest, she seemed to be dancing.

The museum of horrors - I shot in the dark and at night when our little friends have a reduced activity, but in any case it takes a lot of patience.

Metal - This is a Cetonia, a beetle with the characteristic metallic color … like the surface where it is placed.

20-07-1969 - The alien landing on an unknown planet.

A spring on the spring - Obviously, no small guest has been mistreated as in any good neighborly respectable relationship.

Needle and caterpillar - A small caterpillar of roses hanging from a needle.

Climbing - A play of shadows and colors.

Blue - A butterfly resting on a porcelain inspired my shot in dark light, with frontal light.

Analogies - Shape, color, elasticity. These are the similarities that I saw in this shot.

The world in color - A colorful world, like what I imagine butterflies can see.

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