Yes, but it's quite rare. At the moment it has been documented only in a species of anthropomorphic monkey, the bonobo (Pan paniscus), and in two species of large Asian frugivorous bats, Cynopterus sphinx and Pteropus giganteus.
In the first case, oral sex seems to be a playful activity or an act of reconciliation in the event of confrontations. While in both species of bats it assumes an important role during copulation. According to recent research, males practice oral sex on females to make mating last longer and as a form of courtship (see video).

Oral sex of males over females has also been observed in Darwin's bark spider (Caerostris darwini).

And since man since? Reconstructing the times and ways of sexuality in men in historical (and prehistoric) times has always fascinated archaeologists and anthropologists. For example, we know that the position of the missionary was not the most practiced in antiquity.
A representation discovered in Ur, in Mesopotamia, dating back to 3, 200 a. C., shows the woman "above", in a position that is also found in Greek, Peruvian, Chinese, Indian and Japanese works of art. We also see represented sitting on the man with the legs raised, to facilitate penetration. Sexual intercourse "from behind" also appears frequently, as do images of oral sex .
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