A "little one" of 23 kg, one meter long and born after 12 months of gestation: this is how the whelp of a mermaid looks to the mountain. Because it seems that the manatees, like the one born September 10 at the Aquarium of Genoa, were at the origin of the myth of "women-fish".

The manatee born in Genoa is the first to come to light in Italy and the fifth ever born in captivity throughout Europe, where there are only 10 aquariums that maintain and study this species so delicate.

After the birth, for this specimen, a male, the treatments started by the staff of the Aquarium: his mother, Rynke, although showing interest in her baby, never started breastfeeding. Thus, thanks to a special teat, the veterinarians of the Genoese facility provide him with eight times a day a ration of artificial milk with the same percentage of fat, protein and carbohydrates as a manatee.

However, this is not the only newcomer to Genoa: last August 20 a dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) was born and a few days ago a young female zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) was inserted in the tub of the Tropical Lagoon.

The video of the two babies