Slavc is a wolf that has traveled for 400 km chasing love. The B132 lynx is the border between Italy and Switzerland with a GPS in the neck. The bear Tolosa films his days with a small camera. We're not in a Walt Disney movie, but a few miles from our house. Where something extraordinary is happening, which has no precedent in modern history: the return of whole slices of Europe to its first owner, nature.

Sometimes they come back. On the Italian and European mountains, bears, wolves, eagles, griffins and dozens of other species (see map on Focus) are regaining forests and forests. Where until a few years ago, before the man left them for the city, there were farmhouses and farmhouses, the trees and the animals came back.

Image On Focus number 267 we tell you three stories, of three different animals that are the symbol of the overgrowth of old Europe.
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The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) is the most important organization to deal with nature conservation and has been working for years with WWF to bring home otters, griffins and eagles. Rewilding Europe and Wild Europe want to ripen millions of hectares of continent within five years. It is a collective effort never seen before that we tell you about the new issue of Focus on newsstands (Watch the preview of the issue and buy the number in digital format: iOS - Android - Amazon - Zinio (web)) with three exceptional stories and a series of really beautiful photos.