Where are we with gender equality in Italy?


If the evidence were not enough, the World Economic Forum also tells us that Italy is still far from equality between men and women. In the latest report on the gender gap published at the end of 2012, Italy came in at the eightieth place out of 135 countries analyzed. We are just past Uruguay, Botswana, Peru, Cyprus and just before Hungary, Greece, Paraguay and Mexico. Compared to 2011 things have not improved, because we have fallen by six positions, going from a score of 0.6796 to 0.6729. This score is calculated in a range of values ​​ranging from 0 to 1, where 0 represents the disparity and 1 equality. A glass half empty, basically.

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Equal opportunities only in education and health
This evaluation takes into consideration some data extrapolated in the economic, political, educational and life expectancy fields. With respect to women's participation in economic life, Italy deserves the 101st place, based on statistics on female unemployment, wage levels, access to management positions and the number of female-owned companies. The second aspect, the political one, is evaluated taking into account the proportion of seats in parliament assigned to women, the number of ministerial positions they hold, the number of years in which a woman has possibly been head of government. With respect to this criterion we go up to 71st place, but with a score very close to 0. The only comforting data concern education and life expectancy, areas in which we reach a score close to 1.
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