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The four-year reign of the Google brand ends. The Apple brand dominates the BrandZ ranking of the Millward Brown agency thanks to the success of the iPhone and iPad. And the Cupertino company undermines Nokia's leadership as a smartphone leader.

"The Apple brand has grown 84% and is now worth 153 billion dollars"

Apple of inestimable value - The Apple brand is well worth 153 billion dollars and exceeds Google in the BrandZ Top 100 (2011) ranking published by the agency Millward Brown. The value of the Cupertino company brand, third last year behind Mountain View and IBM, grew by 84% in a year against a 2% drop in Google (and + 17% in Big Blue). Since the start of BrandZ surveys in 2006, Apple's rise has been unstoppable: more than 859% against Google's 298%. Excellent result also for Facebook which increases the value of its brand by 246% going up to 35th position.

Unstoppable ascent - If we find the Apple, Google and IBM trio on the BrandZ podium, who's in the top ten? Many hi-tech companies. Excluding McDonald's (fourth), Malboro (eighth) and CocaCola (sixth), the ranking of the ten most attractive brands are Microsoft in fifth place, AT&T in seventh, China Mobile in ninth, and General Electric in tenth. Apple also ranks 35th in the 2011 Fortune 500, while it recovers positions in the one drawn up by Barron on the 500 most important companies in the United States: it rises to fourth place from last year's 55 position.

Nokia in sight - in addition, the Cupertino-based company also ranks mobile phone manufacturers. Although Nokia remains the world's leading producer with a market share of 24.3%, it loses 14 percentage points in the early months of the year. Apple takes advantage of overtaking RIM (14%), taking second place with 18.7%. Samsung and HTC are also showing strong growth, with 10.8% and 8.9% respectively. (Gt)

Silvia Ponzio

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