Change sex to the super rich ... and get poorer!


Photoshop, the most famous photo editing program, has so far managed to make younger, more beautiful, more attractive … Now even more poor, and with a (almost) simple trick: with a rapid change of sex.

Metaphorically, the business magazine Forbes - notes its annual ranking of the richest in the world - has created a new advertising campaign: it has transformed some billionaires - Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Carlos Slim - into their female counterpart.

In addition to changing their gender and connotations, they have reduced their assets based on estimates of how much women earn less than men according to the most recent international research. The result is that the Scrooge have fallen from many positions in the standings.

If Bill Gates, in first place in the Forbes 2017 standings, were "Billie" (that is the female) would have gained 21% less and would have gone down from first to fourth place.

Image If it had been an American woman Bill Gates would have earned on average 21% less. | Oglivy Brazil / Forbes

Marcia Zuckerberg, alter ego of the founder of Facebook, would have slipped dramatically from fifth to eleventh place.

Image If it had been an American woman, Mark Zuckerberg would have earned on average 21% less. | Oglivy Brazil / Forbes

And finally Carlos Slim Helu, the Mexican billionaire founder of Alcatel, becomes "Carla" at the change of sex and earns 17% less.

Image If it had been a Mexican woman Bill Slim would have earned on average 17% less. | Oglivy Brazil / Forbes

The idea of ​​the campaign is Oglivy Brazil, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world.

The richest women in the world. The position of women, the real ones, in the Forbes ranking is also interesting: there are only 10 among the top 100 billionaires.

The highest position, the 14th, is occupied by Liliane Bettencourt, Mrs. L'Oreal, 94 years of age and 39.5 billion dollars in assets.

Lower down, at 17th, is Alice Walton, 67, and a fortune of $ 33.8 billion that comes from the Wal-Mart chain of stores, founded by her father.

Further back in the standings are Jacqueline Mars (77 years old, grandson of the confectionery company founder who produces Mars) and Maria Franca Fissolo (82 years old, Michele Widow's widow) respectively in 26th and 29th place.