China: a year in prison for the thieves of Apple iPad 2


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The news comes from the Far East and bounces on the Web: three Chinese have been convicted of industrial espionage on the iPad 2, to favor cover manufacturers.

"MacTop general manager got 18 months in prison and a fine of 150, 000 yuan"

People's Court - The court ruled that the three defendants are guilty of stealing information on Apple's new jewel from Foxconn before it was released to the public. According to the Wall Street Journal, a popular court has ruled that the general manager of MacTop Electronics Company illegally offered a Foxconn employee 20, 000 yuan, about 2, 500 euros, plus a discount on its products, to receive information on the new iPad 2 during the past month of September.

Corrupt and happy - As if this were not enough, the Foxconn employee also put another colleague in the criminal society, who worked in the "Research and Development" department, who was bribed to portray images of the iPad 2.

Race to the cover - The reason is simple: the manufacturers of covers and accessories struggle assiduously with the competition, but if they already have their products ready when the new fashionable device comes out, they have a "killer application". To design and produce the covers, the companies, often Chinese, need to preview the exact dimensions of the model, long before its release in stores.

Exemplary sentences - MacTop general manager got 18 months in prison and a fine of 150, 000 yuan, the two Foxconn employees 14 and 13 months, plus a fine of 100, 000 and 30, 000 yuan. (gt) Niccolò Fantini

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