How to change consumption in times of crisis? - Joint Eurispes survey - Focus


The first spending review is done at home, and the Italians know something about it. To understand how the relationship with money has changed in our country, a Eurispes survey will focus on the ingredients that determine our purchases, how much we are influenced by the more or less known brand and how much from the place where the product is sold, physical or virtual. What makes us choose an online service? How important is the price, the rate of innovation of the products we buy, or their sustainability?
The survey is linked to a Focus research dedicated to purchases motivated not only by the lower price, but by the relationship of cost with quality also understood as technological innovation, environmental impact and services related to products.
A simple questionnaire will be available between April 19th and May 19th at this link and will contain a first block of questions aimed at exploring the relationship with brands, low cost, online purchases, while a second block will define a social profile demographic associated with the responses with total respect for user privacy.
Survey participants will also participate in a contest that will award some prizes to 21 winners drawn from the voters. Objective of the Eurispes-Focus initiative: to investigate how much the Italians have changed their way of thinking and acting by choosing "smart buying".

Participate in the survey and the competition