Oil companies against decarbonisation


Over the past five years, the world's largest oil companies have invested over $ 1 billion in lobbying campaigns to block or slow the adoption of stricter protocols and laws to mitigate climate change, and in general to discredit the themes of global warming.

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This is what emerges from the report published by InfluenceMap, a "company for the public interest" (Community Interest Company, CIC), a non-profit organization that deals with documenting and making transparent the activities carried out by governments and multinationals to influence public opinion .

The list of lobbyists, as it appears in the report, is led by BP, Chevron and ExxonMobil, which since 2015, when the Paris agreements on climate change (COP21) were signed, would have spent over $ 200 million on these operations. 'year.

InfluenceMap reports that the big oil companies would make massive use of social networks to discredit any initiative or bill aimed at containing global warming and its effects.

oil companies, lobbyists, climate denialists, opposition to decarbonisation Investments made in 2018 in "climate lobbying" activities by the major oil companies, in millions of dollars. The graph shows, with an "opposition scale" (AF), that Chevron conducted the most aggressive campaigns, followed by BP and ExxonMobil. | InfluenceMap

Bad influencers. Last year, during the election campaign for the mid-term elections in the US, the oil companies would have invested over 2 million dollars on Facebook and Instagram to promote content related to the economic benefits related to the increase in fossil fuel production. At the same time, BP would have donated 13 million dollars to a campaign, also supported by Chevron, which succeeded in blocking the adoption of a carbon tax (more polluter, more pay) in Washington State: of these 13 million, 1 would be invested in sponsored posts on social media.

oil companies, lobbyists, climate denialists, opposition to decarbonisation Investments in millions (M) and thousands (K) of dollars made by some oil companies from October 9th to November 6th 2018 on the social networks Facebook and Instagram, close to the mid-term elections in the United States, for the purchase of keywords to promote initiatives against the regulation of emissions or to hinder similar ongoing initiatives. | InfluenceMap

Edward Collins, author of the research, makes no secret of his thoughts on these companies and from the pages of the Guardian underlines how in public the oil companies declare to want to fight climate change, while they continue to invest to promote the production and use of fuels fossils. According to the report, the first five major mining companies in 2019 will spend 115 billion dollars in the expansion of the "core business" (fossil fuels) and only 3% of these funds will be invested in alternative renewable energy projects.

oil companies, lobbyists, climate denialists, opposition to decarbonisation The ExxonMobil iceberg: the relationship between investments supporting industry initiatives aimed at penalizing the use of fossil fuels (1 million dollars) against lobbying against the adoption of decarbonisation regulations and in favor of it of fossil fuel promotion policies (100 million dollars). | InfluenceMap

The answer. Shell, from the Guardian, rejects all charges and distances itself from the report and its premises, emphasizing how the company is at the forefront in supporting the Paris agreements by working to meet the growing need for clean energy. On the same line Chevron, which claims to work with governments in developing transparent policies on reducing polluting emissions.