Is it legal to take home a briefcase full of money found on the ground?


No. Therefore, despite the strong temptation to take and take home, one should really avoid it. Better to concentrate on the reward, rather. According to the law (art. 927-931 Civil Code), anyone who finds a "mobile" thing (from money to an umbrella) is required to return it to the owner.

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The procedure. If he does not know who he is, he must hand it over to the mayor (or his representative) of the place where he found it, describing the circumstances of the finding. The mayor publishes a notice on the municipal notice board, on two successive Sundays and for three days each time; After a year without presenting the owner, the object belongs to the person who found it. If, however, it is claimed by its owner, the latter has the obligation - not only moral - to pay those who found it (but only if the latter requests it) a sum equal to one tenth (or one twentieth, for amounts over € 5.17) of the sum or price of the item in question. If it has no commercial value, the prize is set by the judge.

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Punished fools. Getting smart and running away with the briefcase can cost you dearly. According to article 647 of the Criminal Code, those who have misappropriated money or things lost by others, are punishable - upon complaint by the injured party - with imprisonment up to one year or a fine of 30 to 300 euros. If the owner was known, the penalty is doubled: imprisonment for up to two years.