Do psychopaths make more careers?


It would seem so, at least according to the researcher Robert Hare, one of the leading scholars of criminal psychology, author of numerous books on the subject, including Psychopaths in power.

Who are the psychopaths? By "psychopath" is meant a person suffering from serious disorders related to empathy, unable to identify with the joy or pain of others, but able to use any means to succeed.

Chief or serial killer? If among psychopaths there is certainly a high percentage of serial killers, many would also be found in the power roles of finance and industry, where it is possible to make advantageous decisions for themselves, but often extremely damaging on a social level.

These dangerous "white collars" would appear normal, bright and intelligent, but only because the desire for power and victory allows them to overcome any obstacle through deceit and manipulation: it is precisely thanks to these strategies that they would more easily reach the top of the societies in which they work .