Google buys ICOA WiFi hotspots but then comes the denial


by Luca Busani
ICOA is not a chain of furniture stores, but a provider with a wide network of Wi-Fi hotspots. Google decided to buy the company for 400 million dollars, but the news was immediately denied by interested parties . What's underneath?

"It seems that Google wants to inaugurate
a new service together with Dish "
ICOA, who is he - The name could mislead less attentive readers, but in reality ICOA has nothing to do with household items: it is, in fact, an American provider of Internet services, which boasts a large number of public hotspots, scattered throughout the national territory. Until last week no one - or almost - knew his name outside the United States, while now he is on everyone's lips, because Google would have offered almost half a billion dollars to buy it.

Contratto, nothing happened - Just to be precise, yesterday for a few hours ICOA became the property of Google, at least according to what a journalist claimed on the site, then the denials arrived - both on one side and on the other. other - and at the end of the day it seemed that the Mountain View giant had not even made a proposal for the acquisition of the company. Has there been a sudden rethinking, a big frame or, as often happens, is truth - like virtue - in between?

Ingress's bet - To better understand the story, we need to take a step back and analyze the reasons that could push Google to make such a substantial offer to take over a leading company in a sector that - at least apparently - does not compete for it. First of all, behind this decision could be the mysterious videogame Ingress which, through a massive use of augmented reality, could allow the Mountain View giant to collect a myriad of sensitive data and, at the same time, sell a lot of advertising.

The project together with Dish - Ingress encourages players to wander around the world and not stay indoors, to find out as many details as possible and, thus, those who use it will greatly appreciate a widespread Wi-Fi coverage, which will allow them to always play and anywhere, without spending even a penny. Not only that: the acquisition of ICOA could be part of Google's ambitious project to combine its efforts with Dish - the popular satellite television entertainment platform - and create a new mobile operator, based precisely on this wireless infrastructure.

An offer? Maybe … - The CEO of ICOA, Erwin Vahlsing Jr., categorically denied the news and added that he wanted to report the matter to the competent authorities, to protect investors from speculation in particular. However, the US executive does not close the doors to Google and, indeed, he declares himself flattered by these "rumors". Is it all a conjecture, subtly designed to attract a greedy offer from the Mountain View giant? (sp)

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