Are Italian workers the most stressed?


There are four out of ten Italian workers who claim to be subjected to considerable work stress, classifying themselves as the most disturbed in Europe. The causes are naturally to be found in the very high levels of precariousness and unemployment, but also, for those who have fixed work, in the continuous tensions, in the pressing rhythms and in the competition. For seven out of ten, in particular, stress is due to the reorganization of work structures and workload, while for five out of ten due to the lack of collaboration with colleagues and superiors, which can lead to harassment and mobbing.

DEVELOPMENTS. The data emerge from a study carried out by the National Council of the Order of Psychologists, inherent to all professional categories, which deals with the problems related to the evaluation and management of the problem. The risk, in fact, is that the subjects develop ever more serious anxiety disorders which, in the long run, could also force them into psychotherapeutic or pharmacological treatments.