Money makes happiness


If I won the lottery, I would move to the tropical country, stop working and always stay on the beach. Who has never said it at least once. But then would he really do it?

According to a research conducted at the University of Nottingham in England, it seems not at all. The researchers interviewed 34 winners of a million pounds (around one million and 400 thousand euros) in the national lottery. And they discovered that despite the tidy sum, the lucky players did not change their lifestyle. They always live in the same geographical area (someone has only one bigger house) and do not go to the Caribbean even on vacation. All respondents spend their holidays in England, without going too far from home.

But then it is true: money does not make happiness. It would not be said. Only 3 percent complain about problems and quarrels with family and friends for money reasons. While 97 percent say they are much happier than before. And a good 10 percent also found (and married) a soul mate after winning.

In the picture: the logo of the English national lottery