Does social class affect metabolism?


Before choosing a job or a husband, maybe it's better to think about it, to avoid getting too old.

Scientists at the St. Thomas Hospital in London have analyzed the DNA of a thousand twins who do different jobs (or who have married opposing men on the social scale) and have discovered that those belonging to the most humble layers have a tendency to "wear out" of more cells. Showing early cellular aging. In other words, it is as if their bodies were seven years older than their upper-class peers.

That an unhealthy lifestyle (no physical exercise, unbalanced nutrition and a lot of smoking) - as people who belong to the lower social classes often lead - could lead to a greater risk of disease and a heart attack was already known. But no one had ever thought about what London researchers now speculate. And that is that psychological stress can negatively affect the metabolism to accelerate the oxidation process of cells, weakening the organism prematurely.