2016 has an extra day: how are you going to use it?


How many times we happen to say: "I have no time" or "If only the day was made of 36 hours …". 2016 seems to respond to this need: it will give us one more day, February 29th.

How to best use the "extra" 24-hour leap year? Amani Institute (defined as one of the 10 best "School for life" that are changing the education paradigm) and the non-profit iLEAP have launched a proposal: take advantage of this time to reflect on their own values ​​and how to bring them back into the work we have chosen. Am I doing what I believe in? I'm happy? Does my work reflect what I believe in? What am I basing my life on?

Image What are your roots? | 24more.life

Stop for a moment. These are the questions launched by the # 24more campaign, which invites workers from all over the world to turn February 29th into a moment of reflection and awareness: an opportunity to stop running for once and stop on what you are doing.

Just as the extra day of the leap year serves to realign the Gregorian calendar with the astronomical year, we can ensure that February 29 becomes an opportunity to realign ourselves with the values ​​that support our work.

stories of who made it. On the # 24more campaign website, world leaders from the most diverse fields of the world of work will testify with video, tweets and interviews about their experience, telling, in a crescendo that will culminate on February 29th, how they managed to marry their values ​​with work they do (reporting personal and professional successes).

How to join. But anyone can participate by sharing their own history and reflections with the hashtag # 24more and organizing, for February 29th, meetings and moments of reflection on their work experience (to learn more).

Also watch the campaign video: