Does the nude in advertising still sell?


Surely the nude strikes and attracts, especially men. Although today, compared to the 1980s, the period in which the advertising appeal of the erotic message linked to nudity was "discovered", we are more addicted. In any case, everything that transmits pleasant sensations and affects us emotionally is much more likely to be remembered than aseptic communications in which the potential consumer is informed about the characteristics of the product he wants to sell.

(The young American artist Cecelia Webber creates images of nature by photographing naked bodies)

Matter of relevance
That said, the advertising experience and even some research shows that, in order for the commercial or the nude ad page to translate into an increase in sales, it must somehow be justified by the type of product.
(See this gallery with advertisements that copy the art of the past)
Too attractive
For example, a bronzing cream spread on a beautiful woman's body is appealing. An exerciser in the hands of a sculpted girl is relevant. A woman in desabillé to advertise a descaler or a motorcycle muffler is not. Moreover, the nude linked to sex, more or less explicit, can be so effective as to attract all the attention of the potential client to himself, distracting him from the true objective of the operation: to remind him of the name of the product.
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