In which country do you spend more on food?


The weight in food spending, in relation to all consumption, is a variable that indicates the well-being of a nation in general. In the shopping basket of Western countries, in fact, food reaches a lower percentage because, proportionately, more is spent on other goods, such as technology, leisure, clothing, and home. In the US, for example, food expenditure is 9.7% of consumption, in Germany it is 13%, in France 15.3%, while in Italy it is 17.5%. The picture changes completely in other areas of the world: in Mexico, in fact, food expenditure is 26%, in Russia 34.3%, in Egypt 48.1% but it rises to 73.5% in Azerbaijan.

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More expensive food
In situations like these, the rise in the prices of food raw materials, like the one we are witnessing in the recent period, has a particularly serious impact. The FAO raised the alarm, estimating an average rise of 3.4% per month in the price index.
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