In China they buy bottled air from Canada


What you would not do for a breath of clean fresh air, especially if you happen to live in Beijing. And the Chinese, moreover, are willing to pay a lot for having a good supply at home. This can be found on the online pages of Vitality Air, a Canadian company that has been struggling for a few days because it cannot meet the demands for bottled clean air that come from China: the company has a substantial turnover with the former Empire Celeste, where the air of some places is by now decidedly unbearable.

Moses Lam, founder of Vitality Air, started this activity "as a joke" (he reveals) after reading that the Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao sells clean air in cans for 1 dollar per can.

Image Bottled air, in different packages and fragrances. | Vitalityair

150 breaths in your pocket. It was then that Lam put up some Rocky Mountain air bags on eBay for the same price: the response was enthusiastic. And so the business took off and in a short time the bags became canisters, he thought to put air in that pristine area into real cylinders: 7.7 liters, 150 breaths guaranteed, 59 dollars.

Too expensive? Well, 500 cylinders sold only in the first 4 days of activity would make you think otherwise and the company is in full operation. For the most part, customers live in the big cities of north-east and south China, where the problem of pollution, irony aside, is very serious. These are especially well-off families who want their children to breathe fresh air indoors, but orders also seem to come from rest homes and night clubs.

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